We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Bombra, Castela, Dia, Etebra, Kardera, Ousabra, Syrena and Vitera.
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We fixed an error with Paypal integration. You should be able to pay with Paypal again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Esmera, Issobra and Nadora.
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We updated all our server list after the last server merges.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Alumbra, Ardera, Cadebra, Emera, Famosa, Marcia, Illusera, Javibra, Karna, Mudabra, Ocebra, Optera, Pacembra, Reinobra, Tembra, Trona, Unica, Versa, Xandebra, Xylona, Yonabra, Ysolera and Zenobra.
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Disccounts in 38 servers!

2008-09-05 - 18:27:42

We have decided to set 50% disccounts in every of our servers where we have more of 3 millions of stock. That is: 100k will only cost you 10 euros there.

Updated for September 2008:
List of servers with this disccount:

Aldora Astera Aurea Balera Calmera Candia Celesta Chimera Danera Elera Fortera Furora Grimera Guardia Harmonia Honera Jamera Julera Kyra Lucera Malvera Menera Nebula Nerana Ocera Pacera Pandoria Pythera Refugia Samera Secura Shanera Silvera Solera Tenebra Trimera Unitera Vinera

The disccounts will be valid until the end of the month.

Random bans on multiclient users

2008-09-02 - 20:14:50

After analyzing the accounts that were banished today it looks like they only have something in common: they was using multiclient.
Of course not every multiclient user was banished, so we believe that they were randomly picked.

We recommend people to stop using multiclient until we are completely sure about how the bans are working.
Update: We have released a new multiclient system that doesn't need to modify any file. It is available for free at http://www.blackdtools.com/freedownloads.php You still should use it at your own risk!
We provide the source code in the zip so you can be 100% sure that it doesn't contain any virus or troyan.

Missing licenses

2008-08-26 - 00:35:30

Some missing Blackd Proxy licenses were recovered from the old database.
If you still have problems with the login/password that you recently obtained then please contact daniel_p_v@hotmail.com about it.
Sorry for the inconvenience, - Blackd

Server upgrade in progress

2008-08-18 - 14:28:26

Server upgrade is finally completed.
All will be faster now.
Blackd Proxy won't work after the server upgrade unless you run version 12.4 or higher.

Sorry for the incovenience,

- Blackd

All updated for Tibia 8.22

2008-08-13 - 16:08:13

We have updated all our tools for the new Tibia update ( 8.22 )
This include:
- Blackd Proxy
- Tibia Multiclient
- All our free tools

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