We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Adra, Utobra and Wizera.
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Web is back online!


BlackD FridayS!
All the days until the end of November...
random gifts x2!
Now you will get at least +20% FREE GOLD!
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We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Ragna and Libertabra.
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Redsys is no longer available. Please use Paypal or bank transfer for now. Sorry for the inconveniece.


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New way of purchasing gold

2009-05-02 - 15:43:20

New way of purchasing gold:
you can now buy us 100k by phone if you don't have any other way of paying it!
The price of 100k (if paying by phone) will be 20 euros or 40 euros depending the server. We know this is very expensive, but we have to pay around 50% in phone taxes so we had no other option if we wanted to offer you this payment option. Please only use it if you are unable to pay it by paypal/bank transfer.

You can try it now:https://blackdtools.com/tibiagold.php

Please note that if you use paypal or bank transfer then the price is still only 10 or 20 euros depending the server.

Update: This change caused a bug with the rest of payment options, but it is now fixed.

Tibia 8.42

2009-04-22 - 14:54:18

We updated everything for Tibia 8.42
It will just work again.

Please note that Cipsoft already stated that they are not collecting information for the purpose of detecting cheaters. In fact, after some tests we have verified that no list of running software is being sent to server when you do login.

This is the only information that Cipsoft will receive, as they stated in their news:
Software: Type of your operating system and language settings
Hardware: Your memory (RAM), processor (CPU), graphics card and video settings

This information is sent, enciphered, in the first RSA packet sent to tibia server.
Only Cipsoft server can uncipher that first packet.

New massban

2009-04-02 - 22:25:28

Yes, another massban. Using any bot seems to be very risky nowadays until we know how bots are exactly detected. We keep investigating on this but we should recommend to avoid botting with main characters.

Anyways you can still get profit from farmers and transfer that gold to your main character later.

We keep improving our antidetection system!

2009-03-23 - 17:09:46

We keep improving our antidetection system!

No matter how many changes Cipsoft do, we don't surrender. We keep updating our bot and we keep improving the stealth functions. We will always be 1 step ahead of them.

Keep in mind that even if Tibia scans your computer it won't be able to find our bot there.

One day there will be no way to make a difference between bots and humans. That is our goal.

Please try version 15.0 and keep reporting any new bug you find to daniel@blackdtools.com

We are making a lot of changes.

We have decided that we will not release the code of Blackd Proxy core anymore: we won't release an updated Free Proxy. That way Cipsoft won't be able to spy our new technology.

Multiclient fixed

2009-03-20 - 16:57:01

Multiclient compatibility fixed in Blackd Proxy 14.8
We also updated the free multiclient and Blackd Light.

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