We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Bombra, Castela, Dia, Etebra, Kardera, Ousabra, Syrena and Vitera.
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We fixed an error with Paypal integration. You should be able to pay with Paypal again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Esmera, Issobra and Nadora.
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We updated all our server list after the last server merges.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Alumbra, Ardera, Cadebra, Emera, Famosa, Marcia, Illusera, Javibra, Karna, Mudabra, Ocebra, Optera, Pacembra, Reinobra, Tembra, Trona, Unica, Versa, Xandebra, Xylona, Yonabra, Ysolera and Zenobra.
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TibiaVrec by gold

2011-03-04 - 16:48:27

TibiaVrec can be bought by gold again. We still miss chars for a few servers, but it be available for all servers again in few days more.

TibiaVrec by gold temporally disabled

2011-02-15 - 17:41:20

The option of buying TibiaVrec by gold is temporally disabled.
We are building a new list of chars to handle such payments.
(The old TibiaVrec chars got ban because Adam used a strange bot to level them and it resulted to be an unsafe bot)

Maybe safe again

2011-02-09 - 18:01:53

We keep fixing a few last things that were detected as cheat. Blackd proxy will not attempt to loot corpses at stairs anymore! I think after this last fix it is now completely safe, but we still need to do some more tests.

About Spain

2011-02-03 - 13:02:28

Daopay told us that there is an important risk in accepting phone payments from Spain so we have temporally disabled phone payments from Spain.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Tibia 8.71

2011-01-27 - 15:23:02

ALL our tools are now updated for Tibia 8.71
Have fun! :)

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