We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Furia, Funera, Assombra, Relania, Cosera and Venebra.
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We adjusted gold bonus gift levels to previous status (You still will get at least +10% bonus)


We will keep the
bonus surprise gifts (x2)
until the end of this month. Enjoy!
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BlackD FridayS!
All the days until the end of November...
random gifts x2!
Now you will get at least +20% FREE GOLD!
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Paypal payment is back for most countries. If you got an error there lately, please try again now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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Blackd Safe Cheats

2010-02-03 - 00:37:35

New bot is ready: Blackd Safe Cheats
It includes few cheats for now, but all our testers survived to the last ban wave with it
You can read more here
You can also post your comments in this forum thread

Gold by SMS

2010-01-24 - 13:40:26

You can now buy gold by sms!
Be aware that if you choose this payment method then it will be x5 times more expensive than paypal or bank transfer, but many people seems to prefer that anyways.
Why x5? Because I only receive 1 euro each 5 euros you spend by sms.

You still need to start your order at our old web: https://blackdtools.com/tibiagold.php

The final payment will be done at our new web: http://www.blackdtools-sms.com and it will be handled by Daopay.com

This new subsystem is barely tested yet so if you find any bug then please contact us by email: daniel@blackdtools.com We will fix it asap!

Cheating is very risky nowadays

2010-01-21 - 20:03:35

Cheating is very risky nowadays. We don't recommend it for any main char. You still may continue using my bot for farming gold with secondary chars if you don't care about that risk. If one day we discover how the detection works you can be sure that we will fix. Until that the main business of blackdtools.com will be trading with tibia gold.

Anyways we are sure that our small cheats in our free download page are 100% safe. The main problem seems to be caveboting/autohealing

Hide and show tibia clients

2010-01-12 - 20:39:44

We made a minor update in Blackd Proxy today. It allows hiding Tibia windows.

Updated worldtrade internal rules

2010-01-12 - 20:35:28

We updated our worldtrade internal rules. In most cases it will give better ratios now. However minimum ratio have been set to 1.1 : 1 so now we always will get some profit.

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