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...and 5 servers more! Kalibra, Inabra, Quelibra, Gentebra and Lutabra


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Economy readjustment

2009-11-17 - 02:55:32

Good news for gold customers: now that we will be able to balance our stocks in a faster way we have decided to set the price in all servers in 10k = 1 euro, no matter the stock.
The only exceptions will be Dolera and Inferna.


2009-11-09 - 13:14:28

Worldtrades now can be 1.5:1 in some cases where it is good for us but yet not good enough for 1:1

We also allow more combinations of servers now, even some worldtrades from very unbalanced worlds.
However that can be up to 5:1 (but it is better than nothing if you are really interested)

All updated and working

2009-11-08 - 17:09:28

All our tools are now correctly updated for Tibia 8.53 (including Tibia Ping!)

Blackd Proxy is also fixed and now it should work correctly with this last update. We hope that version 16.3 is now stable.

Permanent disccount in our gold prices

2009-11-05 - 20:49:13

Permanent disccount in our gold prices. For common servers now you will not pay more than 1.2 euros each 10k! (and only 1 euro if we have more than 3000k)

Our autumn patch

2009-11-03 - 20:20:31

Blackd Proxy 15.9 - We added more anti detection features that will decrease the chances of autoban:
- Added limit randomizations to runemaker so now it won't make rune exactly after having enough mana
- Added limit randomizations to hpmana so now it won't recharge heal mana exactly at same level

We also added a new menu: broadcast. It will allow you to broadcast messages by private messages. It is easy enough. Just check the screenshot:

Note: At this moment Blackd Proxy 15.9 is only available for manual download at http://www.blackdtools.com/updates.php

On the other hand, we are aware about the next Tibia patch (5th November 2009) , don't worry. Our tools will be updated probably in less than 24 hours after servers go online again.

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