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Privacy policy - LEGAL NOTICE

1.- In compliance with all applicable privacy laws (including the new GDPR) we inform you that by completing an order form at our web, your personal data will be stored and processed in a file owned by SONIA FERNÁNDEZ DEL SAZ, with the aim of handling your order. Nowadays you will have to give us an explicit consent (checkbox is not enabled by default).
2.- Optionally, our order form will let you join / refresh interest in our mailing list so we can keep you informed of news, promos, and developments relating to our services. Your consent will automatically decay in 1 year in case you don't renew it with a new order.
3.- In some cases, only when paying by Paypal, we might be forced to request you an id verification proof. We can't force you to send it, so you will be given the option of a refund in case you don't want to do it. Your id proof will only be used to verify that you are the legit owner of your paypal account, nothing else. If you ignore our verification request, we will automatically refund your payment after 24 hours.
4.- We also inform you of the possibility of exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of your personal data by email admin@blackdtools.com or by letter addressed to or targeted at SONIA FERNÁNDEZ DEL SAZ,
MADRID (MADRID), C.P. 28011, C/VILLAVALIENTE, 13 - BAJO PTA 4, accompanied by photocopy of your passport or your national ID card.
5.- The shop pages that collect your personal information are secure here (https protocol with no warnings). All your collected data will be stored in secured servers.
6.- This web will generate your invoice with the personal data you enter in the forms. Our local government (Spain) forces us to store everything up to 10 years, just in case they will need to perform any investigation.
7. - At same time, each transaction is subject to the Privacy Policy of the company linked with its payment method. For example, when paying through PayPal: all PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.


- Optionally, you can use our support chat service. In that case, you will need to give explicit consent to the usage of minimum harmless cookies to make it possible (consent is gathered by our new checkbox in the initial chat popup). Our cookies will automatically decay in 3 months. Anyways, you can delete them directly at your browser settings.

Conditions for purchase

- You can always buy our services unless it is agaist your local laws, or unless you got a ban in our web (you can get a ban for doing something illegal, actions resulting in loses for our business, insulting or spamming)
- When you purchase something using real money law forces us to request you some personal information to fill an invoice. We won't use that information for anything else (See Privacy Policy above)
- We only guarantee that we will deliver our services in less than 3 days after payment was completed. You must be patient when buying something in our web.
- If you want to contact us then you must do it by email ( admin@blackdtools.com )

Payment methods

- You can pay by bank transfer.
- You can pay by card through a secure intermediate called Redsys.
- You can pay through a verified Paypal account.
- Now you can also pay through Western Union.
- In all cases, we will give you an invoice after delivery.
- Some payment methods might be blocked depending your country, the items you buy and the amount of items that you are buying.


- We only sell intangible things and services. There is no physical delivery to any physical address here. Only virtual delivery.
- When you buy us Tibia gold, we will login one of our bankers chars into your desired virtual world (server) of the game Tibia. There we will send you your purchased amount of gold to your desired character through the in-game bank transfer system of Tibia. You don't need to be online to receive the gold. You will be able to withdraw it from your tibian bank whenever you visit it.
- When buying gamecodes, game accounts or any other of our services, you will receive all you need to use it by email, in your provided contact email.
- We will deliver everything extremely fast, usually in a matter of minutes. However we can only guarantee a delivery before 3 days counting from a completed payment.
- A paypal payment will will not be considered completed if we need to wait for funds verification or id verification. Please avoid using bank transfer through PayPal because they usually take 3-7 days to complete!

Refund policy

- All our services are not refundable after delivery.
- You can request refund before delivery. However, we charge you 0,35 euros because the transaction costs. That is: we will refund all minus 0,35 euros.
- In case of PayPal orders, if you ignore our ID verification request or you upload an obvious wrong ID proof then we can refund your order directly (all minus 0,35 euros) and at same we might also blacklist your PayPal account so in the future you would have to pay with a different payment method.

How to unsubscribe

- Mailing lists: We don't register your information unless you requested us to subscribe your email for notifications of news and changes in our shop (and in that case we only register your email) If you want to unsubscribe from such list you can use the link provided in our email messages or you can just contact me by email with subject "UNSUBSCRIBE" Same email as always ( admin@blackdtools.com )
- Invoices: The rest of your information is only temporally stored to handle the invoices. We can't delete invoices. However we can still change information on them if they belong to the current month. Just contact us by email with your desired changes in that case.
- Forum: You can change your forum information after doing the login there. Use the link called "My Profile". If you want to completely remove your forum account then you should contact us from the registered email, including your user name and user password, with subject "DELETEMYFORUMACCOUNT"

Tibia gold

- Tibia gold is the currency of the game Tibia, an online game.
- If you want to buy Tibia gold by real money then we will request you some basic information in order to give you an invoice at the end of the process. Read Privacy Policy details at the start of this document.
- If you belong to the European union then we will include the VAT of your country in the invoice. We will pay that tax. You won't need to pay more money than the final price.
- The delivery of the gold can take up to 24 hours after you paid it. Please be patient. However it is -usually- a lot faster than that.
- We can reject any refund request after we deliver you the purchased gold. We only might accept refunds if you convince us with a very good reason to do it, and in that case you would have to return the gold first.
- You can start the purchase here. Then just follow the four steps. We added marks in yellow (step1, step2, step3, step4)
- Definition of gp: 1 gp (a gold piece or gold coin) is the most basic currency unit in Tibia, indivisible in smaller parts.
- Definition of K: 1K = 1000 gp.
- Definition of crystal coin: 1 crystal coin = 10000 gp.
- Definition of KK: 1KK = 1000000 gp , that is: 1 millon of gp.

Free Software

- You should only download or free software in our Free Tools menu.
- Our free software are addons that will enhance your gameplay experience in old Tibia ot servers.
- We don't win money with this software so we don't give any guarantees about it. Anyways we are almost sure that it is completely safe. You can read the source code and/or recompile it. The source code is included in the zips so you can see that is safe.
- The software is abandoned at this point. No support is given anymore!

Billing and invoices

- If we request any personal information from you it will be only used to generate the invoice. We won't use it for anything else! Except if you optionally want to receive notification emails from us. Read Privacy Policy details at the start of this document.
- You will receive a legal invoice at the end of the process (after the delivery) Of course if you invent the personal information then it will contain that invented personal information.
- This is a legal business registered by SONIA FERNÁNDEZ DEL SAZ, Calle Villavaliente 13 bajo 4, 28011 Madrid (Spain)
- Fastest way to contact the owner of this business is by email: admin@blackdtools.com
- If you pay by Paypal or bank transfer then you will be able to see your invoices directly in our web, after delivery, at https://blackdtools.com/order.php You will need to use your order number and order password (our web will display you that during the transaction process)
- We don't give invoices if you pay a virtual thing with a virtual thing (pure virtual transaction)
- We don't give invoices for PayGol payments. That is handled by PayGol or the final payment company. We only receive a commision from them.

Starting points for purchases

- Service - Tibia gold: https://blackdtools.com/tibiagold.php
- Software: At this moment all our software is free, so there is no need to purchase it.

Known possible risks

- At this moment we are only aware that there is a small risk of game account deletion when using Blackd Proxy cavebot function as this can be detected as cheat.
- If you find any other possible risk please let us know. Contact: admin@blackdtools.com
- We won't give any compensations in any case. No compensations even if something bad happened to you and it was not listed here yet. No compensations at all. If you don't accept this then you are not allowed to use our software, you are not allowed to use our services, and you should leave this web.

Terms of service were updated at 18/Nov/2021: Added some definitions to the Tibia Gold section.

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