We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Furia, Funera, Assombra, Relania, Cosera and Venebra.
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We adjusted gold bonus gift levels to previous status (You still will get at least +10% bonus)


We will keep the
bonus surprise gifts (x2)
until the end of this month. Enjoy!
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BlackD FridayS!
All the days until the end of November...
random gifts x2!
Now you will get at least +20% FREE GOLD!
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Paypal payment is back for most countries. If you got an error there lately, please try again now. Sorry for the inconvenience!


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More Blackd Proxy scripts

2008-06-08 - 22:06:27

We are happy to support another site with scripts for Blackd Proxy: http://blackd.ovh.org

Discounts in Tibia gold (updated for August2008)

2008-05-06 - 16:43:14

We have decided to set 50% disccounts in every of our servers where we have more of 3 millions of stock. That is: 100k will only cost you 10 euros there.

Updated for August 2008:
List of servers with this disccount:

Aldora Astera Aurea Balera Calmera Candia Celesta Chimera Danera Elera Empera Fortera Guardia Harmonia Honera Iridia Jamera Julera Kyra Lucera Malvera Menera Morgana Nebula Neptera Nerana Ocera Pacera Pythera Refugia Rubera Samera Shanera Silvera Tenebra Trimera Unitera Vinera

The disccounts will be valid until the end of the month.

Update to be safer

2008-04-15 - 02:42:56

Keep Blackd Proxy updated to be safer against the autobans.
We are currently disabling some dangerous options and improving the reaction against gms.
You can read the last changes in Blackd Proxy HERE

List of things that gets you autobanished nowadays

2008-04-14 - 02:43:57

Some characters have been banished and gms are saying that they are detecting bot.
After some investigations we are making a list of things that will get you autobanished:

Ready for Tibia 8.11

2008-04-08 - 23:03:10

We finished updating our tools for the new Tibia 8.11
We had to update:
- Tibia Multiclient
- Blackd Proxy
- Free Proxy

The following tools does NOT need any update in order to work with Tibia 8.11 :
- Blackd VIP
- Blackd Light
- Tibia Music
- Blackd Guardian
- Blackd Light
- Blackd Tibia Ping

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