We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Adra, Utobra and Wizera.
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We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Ragna and Libertabra.
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Redsys is no longer available. Please use Paypal or bank transfer for now. Sorry for the inconveniece.


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Tibia 8.41

2009-03-19 - 00:08:04

We will update everything for Tibia 8.41 as soon as possible. They made important changes on the connection protocol so this will update might take some extra time.
So far we got a sucesfull full connection through our proxy. We still might take 1 or 2 days more to complete the update.
So far we uploaded an update that will allow you to play with ONE client. Please do not try to play with 2+ clients yet. It will cause a crash and might get you banished.

New mass bans. Time to analyze results.

2009-03-03 - 16:25:22

New mass bans. We checked if the new changes were usefull against the detection function.
This poll were addressed only to people who made a new character with the updated blackd proxy (random timers)
The thread: http://www.blackdtools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37571

Current results: Cheating with blackd proxy should be safe unless...
... you repeat same action every exact time (using the conds module was unsafe in version 14.4 and lower)
... you change your tibia title: avoid using tools that change tibia title!

We released an update to fix the unsafety of conds module. We think that botting with blackd proxy should be safe, but we are not sure 100% yet.

New web for tibia shop and worldtrades

2009-02-27 - 21:39:03

New web for tibia shop and worldtrades. It is now almost automatic!
If you want to buy or worldtrade something with us then try it now:

Payment options

2009-02-14 - 21:11:58

Do you only want to test Blackd Proxy for a short time? You can now buy 1 month 1 computer license by Paypal for only 3,5 euros!
Instant delivery!!
You can buy it now here: http://www.blackdtools.com/paypal.php?licopt=1

We keep fighting against the detectors

2009-02-08 - 23:54:03

We released a second update today. Detecting Blackd Proxy will be a really hard task from now, no matter how they try to detect it.
Check new changes here: http://www.blackdtools.com/forum/showthread.php?p=287697#post287697

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