Welcome new Tibia servers! Our web is now ready for Quilia and Hydera and we will be selling gold there very soon.


Tibia 10.53 - All our tools are updated again.


Our web will load much faster now. We optimized our css style by using data URIs.


We now resell the popular Proteus Dicing Script for Xenobot (key code) at our shop here After purchase you can trade the code here


You can now buy gold in the new merged Tibia servers: Kronera, Garnera, Thera, Rowana and Nika
Tibia gold shop


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New way to pay phone orders

2010-10-07 - 13:16:32

New way to pay phone orders. If you had problems with Daopay we now allow payments by Zaypay. It allows SMS in Chile and most countries. Anyways it will be more expensive, so please only use it as last resource.

Improvements in payment system

2010-10-01 - 11:13:51

Improvements in the payment systems:
- All kind of orders are now unified under the same system.
- You can now pay Blackd Proxy by SMS in most countries
- From now, after delivery you will see a more detailed invoice for orders payed by paypal or bank transfer.
- In order to fight fraud we now require personal information for all orders. This is also required to comply with current law. Please remember that we are a 100% legal business and we should stick to current laws.

Tibia 8.62

2010-09-23 - 16:15:14

All our tools are now updated for Tibia 8.62

Stock problem solved

2010-09-19 - 13:17:18

We consider the gold stock problem almost fixed now
Because this we have set a new base price for Open PvP gold : 0,7/10k (can be dropped up to 0,56/10k if you buy a big ammount)

Optional PvP gold stock fixed

2010-09-14 - 12:15:38

We already fixed our stock of gold for Optional PvP servers. We can offer you the best price there again.
We keep working on restocking Open PvP gold.

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