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Tibia 10.38 - All our tools are updated again.


We are now making android apps! We already have a Password management app and a small minigame.
Please have a look at


Phishing alert:
We should insist that you should be carefull with hack sites with similar names than us. Always ensure you are visiting exactly or


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New free tool

2010-12-10 - 07:04:31

Blackd Hotkeys
It will allow you to press any tibia hotkey from time to time.
That should be usefull to autoeat and to avoid disconnection (anti-idle)

Tibia 8.7

2010-12-08 - 07:35:44

All our tools are now updated for Tibia 8.7
To update Blackd Proxy this time you will need to run the new complete installer.
Get it from

Now you can request partial delivery

2010-11-15 - 05:18:09

Now you can request partial delivery of gold!
We give you this option if you are paying by SMS and you decide to stop sending more SMS.
This new option is available in the bottom of the page order.php

New way to pay phone orders

2010-10-07 - 06:16:32

New way to pay phone orders. If you had problems with Daopay we now allow payments by Zaypay. It allows SMS in Chile and most countries. Anyways it will be more expensive, so please only use it as last resource.

Improvements in payment system

2010-10-01 - 04:13:51

Improvements in the payment systems:
- All kind of orders are now unified under the same system.
- You can now pay Blackd Proxy by SMS in most countries
- From now, after delivery you will see a more detailed invoice for orders payed by paypal or bank transfer.
- In order to fight fraud we now require personal information for all orders. This is also required to comply with current law. Please remember that we are a 100% legal business and we should stick to current laws.

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