We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Bombra, Castela, Dia, Etebra, Kardera, Ousabra, Syrena and Vitera.
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We fixed an error with Paypal integration. You should be able to pay with Paypal again. Sorry for the inconvenience.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Esmera, Issobra and Nadora.
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We updated all our server list after the last server merges.


We added new servers to our tibia gold shop: Alumbra, Ardera, Cadebra, Emera, Famosa, Marcia, Illusera, Javibra, Karna, Mudabra, Ocebra, Optera, Pacembra, Reinobra, Tembra, Trona, Unica, Versa, Xandebra, Xylona, Yonabra, Ysolera and Zenobra.
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