...and 5 servers more! Kalibra, Inabra, Quelibra, Gentebra and Lutabra


We already can sell some gold in the three new servers! Damora, Descubra and Olera


Welcome to the new servers! We already can sell you a lot of gold there: Estela, Peloria, Vunira, Impera and Quintera


We already can sell some gold in the three new servers! Tortura, Helera and Macabra


We are searching new providers of Gold in MEDIVIA.
If you are interested, please contact us by email

New! You can buy Tibia Premium Accounts and other Tibia gamecodes by sms!

Yes: we now resell gamecodes of Tibia Premium Accounts and other Tibia services
(Character World Transfer, Character Name Change, Character Sex Change).

This is only for people that somehow doesn't care spending big sums of money by phone.
Yes, there is no mistake in the prices: paying by phone is a lot more expensive than paying it with standard methods at tibia.com
Why? because we only receive a very ridiculous part of what you pay by phone.
NEW: Now our system do INSTANT DELIVERY of the gamecode after you complete the purchase.

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