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Selected server: Estela

Current stock: 28K of Tibia Gold  
Current price: 0.56 euros each 100k
Important note to avoid confusion: 100K = 10 crystal coins
Special code: HAPPY30 -30% discount

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You still can order ANY amount of gold here!
This server allows transfers, so you can buy more gold than our total stock here.
In that case we would transfer gold here after you pay your order.
It would not have any extra cost for you.

Save money! Buy big amount and get ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT! See examples:

AmountADDITIONAL DiscountExample with final price
2000K+1%2000K would cost you only 11.09 euros!
3000K+2%3000K would cost you only 16.46 euros!
5000K+3%5000K would cost you only 27.16 euros!
7500K+4%7500K would cost you only 40.32 euros!
10000K+5%10000K would cost you only 53.2 euros!
20000K+7%20000K would cost you only 104.16 euros!
30000K+9%30000K would cost you only 152.88 euros!
50000K+10%50000K would cost you only 252 euros!

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How to buy Tibia gold?

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Then just follow the steps on current web. We will request you some necessary information and finally you will have to pay the order.
After payment just wait for delivery.

In case that you don't know what we are talking about exactly, here you have an extended description about tibia gold: We sell virtual coins (tibia gold) for the fantasy MMORPG called Tibia. MMORPG = Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. 1 gp (a gold piece or gold coin) is the most basic currency unit in this videogame. Players however, usually might talk about K's (1K=1000gp) or crystal coins (1 crystal coin = 10000gp) Richest players can also talk about KK's (1KK=1000000gp , that is: 1 millon of gps)

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