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...and 5 servers more! Kalibra, Inabra, Quelibra, Gentebra and Lutabra


We already can sell some gold in the three new servers! Damora, Descubra and Olera


Welcome to the new servers! We already can sell you a lot of gold there: Estela, Peloria, Vunira, Impera and Quintera


We already can sell some gold in the three new servers! Tortura, Helera and Macabra

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We sell Tibia gold! Do you want to obtain a fast big amount of Tibia gold in your server? You are in the right place. We have the biggest stock in the world!

Buy big amounts at once and save money!
Now buy 50000K and get 10% ADDITIONAL discount!
Below you have the BASE prices (without discounts by amount):
100k Antica = 0.8€    100k Astera = 0.53€    100k Belobra = 0.64€
100k Bona = 0.53€    100k Calmera = 0.53€    100k Celesta = 0.53€
100k Damora = 1.04€    100k Descubra = 0.95€    100k Duna = 1.01€
100k Epoca = 0.84€    100k Estela = 0.8€    100k Faluna = 1.73€
100k Ferobra = 0.91€    100k Firmera = 0.78€    100k Garnera = 0.8€
100k Gentebra = 0.52€    100k Gladera = 0.53€    100k Harmonia = 0.53€
100k Helera = 1.12€    100k Honbra = 0.85€    100k Impera = 0.8€
100k Inabra = 0.78€    100k Jonera = 1.63€    100k Kalibra = 0.51€
100k Kenora = 0.8€    100k Lobera = 0.8€    100k Luminera = 0.53€
100k Lutabra = 0.81€    100k Macabra = 1.25€    100k Menera = 0.53€
100k Monza = 0.53€    100k Nefera = 0.53€    100k Noctera = 1.32€
100k Olera = 1.07€    100k Ombra = 1.96€    100k Pacera = 0.53€
100k Peloria = 0.8€    100k Premia = 0.8€    100k Quelibra = 0.77€
100k Quintera = 0.8€    100k Refugia = 0.53€    100k Relembra = 1.2€
100k Secura = 0.53€    100k Serdebra = 0.76€    100k Solidera = 0.8€
100k Talera = 0.8€    100k Tortura = 0.9€    100k Vita = 1.14€
100k Vunira = 0.8€    100k Wintera = 0.8€    100k Zuna = 0.37€

Delivery time: 1 - 5 minutes

So, do you want to get some Tibia gold in your server? It is easy! Just 4 steps!

First step: select in what server you want the gold. Then click on the button SHOW LIST

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How to buy Tibia gold?

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Then just follow the steps on current web. We will request you some necessary information and finally you will have to pay the order.
After payment just wait for delivery.

In case that you don't know what we are talking about exactly, here you have an extended description about tibia gold: We sell virtual coins (tibia gold) for the fantasy MMORPG called Tibia. MMORPG = Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. 1 gp (a gold piece or gold coin) is the most basic currency unit in this videogame. Players however, usually might talk about K's (1K=1000gp) or crystal coins (1 crystal coin = 10000gp) Richest players can also talk about KK's (1KK=1000000gp , that is: 1 millon of gps)

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